Auto Seat Covers and Car Covers to Protect the Inside and Outside of Your Car’s Look All Year Around

Worn out, threadbare seats are a sight for sore eyes. It makes the car look raggedy even if the rest of the car is sparkling clean. Within now time at all, the value of your car will have dropped drastically. Aside from this, it is most uncomfortable to sit on a seat that has worn away. You end up sitting on raw wires. And then you wonder why people keep wishing you a pleasant drive! Contrary to popular belief, auto seat covers are not an expensive car accessory. As with anything seat covers come at a range of prices depending on the quality, material, and design. There are a vast amount to choose from. When choosing auto seat covers, you will need to think which material is suited best to you. For example someone in Florida would probably not put fur car bench covers as their first choice. You can choose from, leather, plastic, fur, neoprene, and many more. Each material will come with a large variety of designs of the actual car covers to choose from, totaling a staggering 4,000 plus designs to choose from! You will find that a lot of seat covers are waterproof, which is an unbelievable advantage like top of the line mustang car covers. You don’t even realise how many spillages occur, or how many times you enter the car and the rain drips off you. All these little things amount up, and will leave ugly stains, on your seats if they’re not protected, not to mention horrible moulding smells too…

The sizing of your car covers will affect the price too. Whilst universal auto seat covers are by far the cheapest, they also tend to be that bit more baggy, and not as good in fit. car bench covers made with your car in mind, will fit the seats better and will no doubt be more comfortable to ride in, and provide better protection. However if you’re one of those careful businessmen, without kids trailing in your car, you might not need the best protection available, and will want to go for a cheaper product. The advantage of universal auto seat covers is that they don’t need to be updated when purchasing a new car, and can be lent out to family and friends, regardless of what car they have. It is undisputed fact; the outdoors just ain’t a safe place to keep cars. Mother nature can be quite vicious when it comes to our dear vehicles. We need outdoor car covers to preserve them. The company Cover king recognized this need and have designed the ultimate outdoor cover, aptly named Stormproof. This is king of all outdoors as the Stormproof is naturally resistant to sun, rain, sleet and snow, and of course dust. Cover-king manufacture their own fabric rather than using a fabric that is ‘off-the-shelf’. This is to ensure that they use the best and only the best. The fabric employed for the manufacturing is made uniquely for them. It is woven in a specific way that makes the material totally resistant to almost everything, without the need for any other artificial treatment. This ensures that they will be durable, and the resistance will not wear away with time, like others.


Stormproof outdoors are heavier duty than others for a reason. The extra bulkiness of the material acts as a cushion for the vehicle, and shield the paint from any potential scrapes. Sometimes, the car will get knocked about, even in small ways, whilst stationary. With a Stormproof, the car is protected from such cases. The material may be bulky, but nonetheless, the its breathable. Air and moisture is allowed out through the material, but not in. In this way, the car can ‘sweat’ without the worry of it becoming rusty and mouldy, or even just steamed up. In addition, they can be out on vehicle whilst the its damp, not having to wait until it is completely dry – a big time saver. Coverking sew it together so that they are made with fewest seams possible. Aside from the fact that its looks better and less patchwork-like, it also means that the protection provided it better too. Fewer seams means less likelihood of seam leakages and rips and tears. The Stormproof also comes as a custom fit. Tailored for the car, it’s make, year and model. The car will have a upper-class look, as the material will not flap about in the wind. Having a snug outdoor car cover ensure that the protection is at its best, as there’s no room for anything to sneak in. The car cover is elasticated at the front and rear of the car so that it is easy to put on and off, completely hassle free. Outdoor car covers also provide the owner of the car with a sense of security. It prevents unwanted, shady characters from snooping around and breaking into their cars.

Custom Car Covers For The Indoors? The Right Choice For a Better Investment

Have you ever returned from a trip or vacation and been disappointed by something when you arrive back home? It’s not a good feeling. When we come home we hope to settle down in our comfy sofa in our familiar surroundings and relax. But one of the things that can cause us to get distressed upon our arrival back home is the state of the car. Some people may have only an old model car or some may have a top quality, brand new auto. But none of us wants to be greeted by the sight of our car full of dirt, or even only a little dirt. None of us wants to find splotches of bird droppings eating away and dirtying the paint work of the car. We don’t like finding that when we slide our finger along the bonnet of the car it picks up a layer of dust, leaving a mark behind. Whether you store your car indoors or out, using custom auto covers is a great way to avoid these distressing feelings. You can get indoor custom car covers that are manufactured expressly to protect cars when they are indoors. A perfect fit, the covers will not allow any dust to reach the surface of your car. All the dust will be caught by the cover so that when you come and want to remove the cover of your car, all the dust will come off with the cover. None left on the car. And these indoor covers also protect your car from all sorts of scratches it could get, even indoors. The cover will protect your auto from scratches caused by falling objects, from other car’s doors banging into yours when they are opened, from dust in the air causing minute scratches to your car’s paint. But don’t use such an indoor cover in the outdoors – they are not waterproof or sunproof and won’t be able to offer the protection your car needs out in the open.

So by using custom car covers on your auto, even when you store it indoors, you will be confident when you go away that your car is still being taken care of and protected. You will not dread going to look at your car when you return, dread seeing your car with a fresh layer of dust, and some new scratches. No. Now all you’ll have to do is remove the car cover and reveal a gleaming car, in the same condition as when you left it. Have you ever experienced a car burglary? Well, it may not be as traumatic as a house burglary, but it is definitely damaging and upsetting. You may have had some gadgets stolen from the inside of your car, or you may even have had the interior of the car itself damaged. Whatever the case, a car robbery is not pleasant. But what can you do to prevent a car robbery? You may have no choice but to leave your car out in the open over nights, and that is a time when there are not many people around and a thief will take the chance to rob a car! What can you do? But did you know that if you have a full auto cover covering your car you are less likely to be a target for a thief? That the percentages of covered cars that are robbed are lower than the average car? A full auto cover hides away your car to an extent. A thief gets attracted when he sees items lying unattended in the car, whether it may be your satellite navigation, your DVD player or your spare briefcase. A car cover keeps all your items out of sight, so out of mind. Once a potential thief sees the gadgets in your car, they beckon him to come and take them. So covering your car hides away your gadgets. In addition, every robber knows that time is of essence. Any moment somebody could come past, and he could be found and caught. So his first choice will not be to rob a car that has a cover over it, since it will take longer to get into the car itself. He’ll have to first remove the cover. The thief would prefer to go for a car that he can access easily. In this way too, your car is a less likely choice for a thief.

You can buy a lock and cable to use to secure your full auto cover onto your vehicle and this will further scare off any potential robber. For all these reasons, your car will be more secure with a full car cover. It is an investment that is worthwhile, because in addition to protecting your car from thieves, the cover actually is really made to protect your car from the elements outdoor that can damage its exterior and paint. One of the best ways to keep your car in top condition and not have to spend money regularly is by using a Car cover. You will not have to bring your car to the car wash to get it cleaned, spending money whenever the car looks too dirty to be decent. There are so many car covers available on the market, you may not know where to look when you do actually want to go and buy one to use on your car. So now we’ll see some of the different types of covers that exist, and what each one of them is good for. The Coverite Lightweight Breathable Car Cover is a universal cover, which means it is not made specifically according to the dimensions of your car. It will fit many different model cars. This cover is made of a three-layer polypropylene system, and the centre layer is a breathable micro-pourus layer. This way, the fabric is breathable, allowing water and moisture that is caught under the cover to escape and evaporate. But at the same time it protects your car against all the elements outdoors. It protects against frost, snow, tree sap, bird droppings and more. It will protect your car from the UV rays of the sun and the heat from the sun. This cover is lightweight, unlike some other covers that are bulky. So this cover is easily manageable and can be used on the car when it is wet or dry. This cover is only available in one color, an elegant silver-grey. The price is not too bad. Another car cover is the coverite breathable soft indoor ar cover. This car cover is made only to be used indoors, not outdoors. It is constructed from a poly-cotton that breathes naturally and allows condensation under the cover to escape. The cover is double brushed for a soft finish that protects the paint work of your car. The fabric protects against dampness and keeps moisture out. This prevents corrosion of the paint of the car. At the same time the cover protects from dust, scratches and scrapes that can damage it. There are covered zips on both sides by the door entry points to allow entry while at the same time protecting the delicate finish of your paint work. This cover comes in a light blue cover, and the price of this one is not bad too.